Thursday, March 11, 2010

In the ICU

Charles Morris, M.D., Internist, California Pacific Medical Center and Grace Cheng, R.N., Intensive Care Unit, California Pacific Medical Center in the ICU.


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  2. Dr.Brayer, you and the rest of the doctors and nurses on the team as well as your interpreter deserve purple heart medals in medicine working against unbelievable and unbeatable odds. And I'm sure are heroes to the people you are able to help in their overwhelming, tragically, sad, devastating world they are trying to survive in.

    Thank you for your reports when you must be absolutely exhausted.
    I hope all of you can try to take care of yourselves, to avoid getting sick.

  3. Your blog reads like what I imagine an army battlefield hospital is like, except the army, as I understand it, is very well equipped, including the capability to evacuate patients to major medical centers.

    Thanks for taking the time in what I'm sure are exhausting days to chronicle this for the rest of the world.