Friday, March 12, 2010

Another long night

From Toni Brayer M.D.

Another long night at HU
EY has come to an end.

Above is the ICU tent. The team is elated that everyone is still alive at the end of the shift.

We are finding more and more tents scattered around the hospital area with patients and no doctors or nurses attending them. Are dressings being changed? We don't know. Families are caring for the patients, bathing and feeding them.

Partners In Health does not have the resources to cover everywhere and the government hasn’t paid the doctors or nurses for months. It is a truly broken system and we are so worried about what will happen when we are gone. Today there are no doctors to cover the ICU and only one nurse.

Above in the hand washing station in the ER tent. I wish we had one in the medical ward. I have never appreciated good hand washing as much as now...when there is no hand washing.

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