Sunday, March 7, 2010

Arrival - Port au Prince, Haiti

From Toni Brayer M.D.

"The team has arrived in Haiti.
Our accommodations are rustic but good. We have flush toilets and two showers and very newish tents with a new mattress pad. The weather is overcast and muggy but very pleasant. Many of us do not have our bags yet, so we are making due and when we arrived we had a nice goat and rice lunch.

We will be relieving the Haitian doctors by working the night shift at HUEH hospital -- 10-12 hour shifts.

Although we are pretty exhausted from the flight -- got only 3-4 hours sleep last night -- we are anxious to begin our work and help the patients here in Haiti."


  1. great way to represent Sutter! Thanks! God be with all of you on your journey.

  2. This makes me so proud to be a Sutter employee. Thank you to the volunteers and to Sutter for continuing to help people in need, even after the publicity wanes.

  3. Good to know the team has arrived safe and sound. My prayers will be with you all.