Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010 - Training Local Providers

From Dr. John Donovan, anesthesiologist (Alta Bates Summit Medical Center):

We’ve noticed a chance here in Haiti. "The acute phase of the crisis has passed but we are now entering a phase where patients are at significant risk of serious tissue infections. We had hoped to evacuate a critically ill adult patient in this condition – but were unable. There are countless cases such as this overwhelming the system.

To continue to help our patients here in Haiti, two Sutter Health-affiliated nurses are staying overnight at the hospital with patients that have major infections.

In the morning [January 28, 2010] I will be riding in an ambulance to Port au Prince with two patients. The roads are so rough and their wounds so painful that they need an anesthesiologist to go with them."

Our team’s time here is short but the people of Haiti will continue to need medical care for months to come.

Below, "while Taylor Smith M.D. (orthopedic surgeon, California Pacific Medical Center) operates, Isais Comacho R.N. (surgical technician CPMC) teaches a Haitian technician how to assist in orthopedic cases. St. Marc's techs have significant experience assisting on cesarean sections but have very little exposure to other cases.

Given the long road ahead for our patients, it is critical to bring local providers into the process."

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